Other Services

Grease Trap Cleaning

Economy Septic Service offers this service to business and homeowners, although it’s more likely for a business, such as a restaurant, to have a grease trap. A grease trap is a container that “catches” any fat, oil, or grease before it enters the sewer system or septic tank. Any of these substances can be harmful to sewage systems. To ensure proper performance of your grease trap, it should be cleaned and maintained periodically. We’re experienced in fast, effective grease trap cleaning to keep operations running smoothly!

Stump Removal

Our team is also specially trained in stump removal. Sometimes, the company who cuts down your tree will leave the rest of the work to you—including the stubborn stump burrowed deep in the ground. We have the tools and equipment to remove the stump completely, leaving you with an unblemished yard no worse for the wear. Our stump removal services are affordable, and you’ll be thrilled with our level of experience.

Whatever septic or sewage issue you need help with—or even if you need a stump removed—Economy Septic Service LLC is the team to call!

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